About Us

Friday Boyz Production is a professional Disc Jockey service for all occasions.

We are a mobile DJ and cater to the vicinity of Southern California. We play music from most genres which include Reggae, Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Oldies, and Island music. We specialize in each of these genres, but we are not limited to them.

Since we strive for high customer satisfaction, we do our best to maintain a high level of service by coordinating a playlist with the event coordinator or venue manager. Because we are versatile with our playlist, it allows us to cater to all age groups as well as feed off the crowd. We strongly understand that it is a DJ’s job to keep people on the dance floor. This is the reason why we have repeating customers which is shown in our credentials. For club venue owners, we also promote our own gigs.

With our experience and professionalism, we hope to be the DJ of choice for your next event, occasion, or venue.

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The concept of the DJ Company started at a family function in the summer of 2000. Our family like many families like to party. At a family wedding function, we hired a DJ to boogie. Everybody wanted to dance, but the DJ literally stopped and played every song which killed the dance floor. This frustrated everyone, so Josh Borja decided to purchase a pair of turn tables since he already had an abundant amount of music.

Then, Josh started to DJ at all the family functions, and people began to take notice of his passion to keep people dancing. One thing lead to another and the dj company was born. Today, the Friday Boyz continues to grow as the quality service continues to spread by word of mouth.
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Our mission is simple and straight forward. It is to keep people on the dance floor and entertained.
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Friday! It's when the party officially starts.
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